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Monday, September 18, 2017

I've Been Spreading A Bit of Fall Around ...

Hi friends,

Can you believe we're already halfway through September?!  My favorite month of the year!  Leaves, pumpkins, football and layers!  I love this time of year because ...

roosters are making their return appearance ...

our barn print is back(!) ...

and our Fall family tree is decorated and full of lights, making our kitchen feel a little cozier!

I also love the time of year because it's fun to "gather" with friends and celebrate the season.

Annnnd, it's when I get to dress up our dining room table with candles, pumpkins, garland and shed antlers.  

I look forward to sharing more of our Fall home in the days ahead!

Thanks for stopping by!


Friday, July 7, 2017

Our Summer Home Tour, Part 2 ...

Happy Friday (and July), friends!

Thanks so much for joining me last week for the first part our Summer tour.  If you missed it, but would like to take a peek, just click HERE.

*This* week, I'm back to share a bit more of our Summer home.  So, come on into our kitchen, where (if you're coming from the dining room side) this cute chalkboard from Hobby Lobby greets you with a list of things that I don't really need.  

I kept things pretty simple in here for the season, only adding a few little splashes of color ...

whether it be faux greens, lemons or a hint of blue. 

I know many of you love dark cabinets and lots of color (I love that look, too), but, for me, especially in the Summer, I really like the simplicity and crispness of lots of white ... maybe too much, but that's okay ... right??

Speaking of white, here on our island, I was recently tempted to paint the butcher block countertop white (I know, I know) ... ONLY because the yellow undertones it had was *fighting* with our floor.  In the end, I decided to whitewash it ... quick and easy project that satisfied my need to pick up a paint brush.

We then took leftover MDF and had it cut to create a large tray on top (adding small bun feet to the bottom from Lowe's).  I'm on the hunt for cuter (thinner) feet, but these will do for now.  ;)

Also, for the Summer months, I decided to paint the kitchen doors Behr's Whipped Mint.  It's such a fun, fresh color ... admittedly, they'll probably stay that way after we say farewell to the season.

Here in our sunroom, blue and white pillows help continue the Summer look.  Recently, I painted our clock white to soften it just a bit.  I'm pretty sure there's nothing left in our house to paint!  Ha!

I've wanted to add a bar cart in here for awhile, but couldn't find what I wanted at a decent price, soooo, when I spotted this cute tray table (Kirkland's) ... on sale ... I just couldn't pass it up!

Over on this side, I added this cute metal "gather" sign above the door ... it had a galvanized look when I bought (Hobby Lobby), but it just got a bit lost on the wall ... soooo, I painted it black.

Moving on into our great room, more shades of blue welcome you. The secretary (which was once in our sitting room) now takes up space in the back corner ... let's see how many more pieces I can cram in here!

After adding the secretary to the corner, that then led to me pushing our sofa in towards the middle of the room.  Not only did it help create a cozier conversation area, it also allows this cute table (Home Goods) to not be hidden by the sofa.

Our mantel got a little bit of a Summer "refresh," too, with the help of blue and white pieces I had on hand, along with this pretty fern print (Kirkland's).

Lastly, these simple denim and grey/white checked pillows help complete our Summer look.  As a side note, let me just say that I love the pillow covers from IKEA ... they're inexpensive and they have such a great selection!  PLUS, they take up way less room than actual pillows.  I've told myself that I'm not allowed to purchase any more pillows (only covers)!  Wish me luck. 

Well, friends, if you're still with me, thank you so much for taking the time to visit our home, dressed up for Summer ... I truly appreciate it!   

Have a great day!

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Our 2017 Summer Home Tour, Part 1 ...

Hey, friends!

My gosh, it's been *way* too long since I've posted.  It's time I breathed life back into my blog ... so, I'd love to share our Summer home with you.

Come on in to our foyer, where I tried to give it a soft, neutral look for the season!

A few little changes have taken ... like here on our back striped wall, where our church pew once sat.  I moved that on over to another wall and brought back this accent chest.  I still love having the shelves above, and knew that this "family" sign (Kirkland's) would be a nice focal point.  Have you been there lately?  If not, you really should swing by ... I must say that they've upped their game lately with cute farmhouse and coastal decor.

Over on our buffet, a simple styling change, and added DIY book wreath layered over the mirror, take in the Summer afternoon sun.  I also added these "once black" frames that I had on hand above our French chairs (painting them a mixture of white and tan to give them a soft, coastal look).

Across from the buffet is our sitting room that, no surprise, has seen a bit of rearranging, too.  The four seat configuration is taking a break ... buuuut I'm sure it will return. *wink*

For now, a bit of coastal decor was an easy choice for me to add in here, as much as I love the beach.  A simple bowl full of shells and picture of shore birds help make me feel as though the ocean is just steps away ... ah, wishful thinking!

This ocean print (Home Goods) has been hiding away in our master bath, and, while I like it there, it seemed only fitting that I bring it down to this room to be enjoyed more during the warmer months. 

Annnd, over on this side, where our antique secretary once was, our love seat (that used to be in our sunroom) is now taking up residence ... chargers from IKEA and inexpensive white plates (both of which I had on hand) then became "art" above ... gotta love "free" decorating!

Back in our foyer, on our way to the dining room, we'll stroll on by where I recently moved our church bench.  I hope to add two metal baskets filled with greenery in place of the candle sconces soon.  I think a visit to Hobby Lobby is in my future.

Here in our dining room, I mixed in a bit of blue with our predominantly white pieces to add a nice, crisp *Summer-y* feel ...

of course, a few scattered shells were a must to add to this cute tray filled with glass vases (Kirkland's for the win again).

Our mirrored piece was visited recently by my paint brush (trading the gold edging for white) ... pretty sure I've just about run out of pieces to paint!  

Lastly, these cute blue and white striped pillows are from Target ... their "dollar spot" section.  The size is perfect to layer in front of larger pillows, and I love how they tie in with the blue and white china we have scattered around the room!

Well, friends, I'm off to clean the other spaces I want to share next time as my Summer tour continues.  I hope you'll join me.

Thanks so much for visiting ... truly appreciate it!

Have a great day,

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Friday, February 10, 2017

I've Been Playing ...

Happy Friday, friends!

Did you get snow this week?  I have to say I'm a bit disappointed in the amount of snow we have NOT gotten this year!  We usually have at least one big snowfall, but, alas, Mother Nature seems to have had other plans for us this year.  So, knowing that ... bring on Spring!

I wanted to share what I've been messing around with over the last week ...

Remember the new (to us) pew I wrote about (HERE), well, I was thrilled to have spotted this awesome tobacco basket at Hobby Lobby!  I knew exactly where it would go as soon as I brought it home!

With the black accents I added to the newly added shelves above the pew, I wanted to bring in a bit more of that shade somewhere else in our foyer, so, I brought out these frames I totally forgot I had and mounted them above our French chairs:

I also added a little heart garland to the buffet ... I can't believe how little I did for Valentine's Day this year!  Aside from that seasonal garland, and a little bit more I did here in our sitting room (and great room), I get a big ol' "F!" 

In our kitchen, I finally painted a little bench I scooped up awhile ago and tossed a few pillows onto it:

In our sunroom, I replaced our coffee table with these lower footstools ... brought our clock back in ... and added a bit of gray:

Back in our great room, I was so happy to have finally found an old door to plop in this lonely corner!  I then layered a pretty church print (Kirkland's) over it and styled a little vignette on this accent piece that used to be in our sitting room:

Lastly, on a cold and rainy day, I made this book page wreath, along with a book page heart garland.  I was feeling crafty!

Of course, since I snapped these pics, things have changed ... yet again!  ha!

I hope you'll stop back by soon to see "those" changes!

Thanks so much for visiting!

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Monday, January 30, 2017

A New Addition To Our Foyer ...

Happy Monday!

Today I'm sharing a new addition to our foyer!  But, first, I thought I'd step back in time a bit to see where we started 2 1/2 years ago.

Here we are (photo courtesy of Hour Homes) ... right before we moved in ... a nice, blank slate.  While I loved the soaring ceiling and expansive wall space, I didn't want your eye to get lost traveling up those empty, expansive walls.  So, my goal was to draw your eye down and to the back wall ...

However, first, we widened the wall to our sitting room and added columns.  Then, I got busy placing pieces from our last home so it looked like this:

I loved having this secretary back there, but, after awhile, I decided it was just a bit too narrow for the space ... so, eventually, it found its way into our sitting room.

In its place, I slid over the wider accent chest from a neighboring wall.  I liked it, but it still wasn't the focal wall I envisioned.

That's when I knew it needed something fun ... and adding stripes might do just that (I hoped)!  It was quite the project for someone who can't draw, much less measure or paint, a straight line ... but we love them!  The stripes really helped to accomplish my goal of your eye going to the back wall instead of getting *lost* on our two story walls.

Buuuuut, after time, something bothered me a bit ... there were three tables (one is around the corner to the left) in our foyer ... it needed something different!  THAT's when I knew a church bench was just what this space wanted!  So, after months of looking on Craigslist, the perfect one finally appeared last weekend and off my hubby went on an almost four hour drive (round trip) to get it for me ... love him!

Here it is!

I love it and couldn't wait to smother it with pillows!

After staring at it for a bit, I knew that it needed a couple of simple shelves above to balance it a bit.  A quick trip to IKEA and Lowe's took care of that:

I filled the shelves with things that I already had on hand ...

I can't wait to add seasonal goodies and colors throughout the year to our new (hopefully, welcoming) spot!

Just a little last step back in time to the before, before, before, before ...

And our AFTER!

Our homes are always evolving, aren't they?  Hmmmm, what's next?

Thanks for visiting,

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